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CRACKER BARREL, chicken tenderloin platter, fried, from kid's menu

304 calories in 1 serving

Calories in CRACKER BARREL, chicken tenderloin platter, fried, from kid's menu
CRACKER BARREL, chicken tenderloin platter, fried, from kid's menu Suggest a better name
304 calories in 1 serving
1 serving = 107g ≈ 0.236lb ≈ 3.77oz
2.84 calories / gram
7 Weight Watchers points
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Calorie Sources:48% fats; 27% proteins; 25% carbohydrates
Fats:16.12 g (145 calories, 15% by weight)
Carbohydrates:19.12 g (76 calories, 18% by weight)
Proteins:20.55 g (82 calories, 19% by weight)
Water:48.43 g (45% by weight)
Fat Composition:54% polyunsaturated; 26% monounsaturated; 20% saturated
Trans Fat :0.17 g
Dietary Fiber:0.75 g (1% by weight)
Cholesterol:44.94 mg
Serving Sizes: 100 g
1 piece
1 serving
Common Name:family style
Manufacturer Name:Cracker Barrel « Brand name foods
Food Group:Restaurant Foods
USDA #:36604
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Vitamin A:10 IU
Retinol:3.21 mcg
Retinol Activity Equivalent:3.21 mcg
Lutein + Zeaxanthin:~
Vitamin B-1:128.40 mcg
Vitamin B-2:74.90 mcg
Vitamin B-3:9.04 mg
Vitamin B-5:1.28 mg
Vitamin B-6:567.10 mcg
Vitamin B-9:~
Food folate:~
Dietary Folate Equivalent:~
Folic acid:~
Vitamin B-12:0.16 mcg
Added Vitamin B-12:~
Vitamin C:~
Vitamin D:~
Vitamin D2 (ergocalciferol):~
Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol):~
Vitamin D (D2 + D3):~
Vitamin E:~
Added α-Tocopherol:~
Vitamin K:35.63 mcg
Calcium (Ca):11.77 mg
Copper (Cu):53.50 mcg
Fluoride (F):~
Iron (Fe):663.40 mcg
Magnesium (Mg):31.03 mg
Manganese (Mn):235.40 mcg
Phosphorus (P):0.30 g
Potassium (K):0.35 g
Selenium (Se):~
Sodium (Na):0.73 g
Zinc (Zn):716.90 mcg
Cholesterol:44.94 mg
Carbohydrates Total:19.12 g
Dietary Fiber:0.75 g
Sugars Total:~
Proteins Total:20.55 g
Essential amino acids
Phenylalanine:0.85 g
Leucine:1.56 g
Methionine:0.45 g
Lysine:1.54 g
Isoleucine:0.94 g
Valine:1.78 g
Threonine:0.81 g
Tryptophan:0.26 g
Histidine:0.66 g
Arginine:1.25 g
Non-essential amino acids
Alanine:1.08 g
Aspartic acid:1.79 g
Cystine:0.25 g
Glutamic acid:3.45 g
Glycine:0.87 g
Proline:0.83 g
Serine:0.81 g
Tyrosine:0.57 g
Fats Total:16.12 g
Saturated fatty acids:2.92 g
Monounsaturated fatty acids:3.81 g
Polyunsaturated fatty acids:7.91 g
Trans fatty acids:0.17 g
Trans-monoenoic:74.90 mg
Trans-polyenoic:96.30 mg
Saturated fatty acids
Butanoic/Butyric [4:0]:~
Hexanoic/Caproic [6:0]:~
Octanoic/Caprylic [8:0]:6.42 mg
Decanoic/Capric [10:0]:5.35 mg
Dodecanoic/Lauric [12:0]:10.70 mg
Tridecanoic [13:0]:~
Tetradecanoic/Myristic [14:0]:21.40 mg
Pentadecanoic [15:0]:4.28 mg
Hexadecanoic/Palmitic [16:0]:1.81 g
Heptadecanoic/Margaric [17:0]:10.70 mg
Octadecanoic/Stearic [18:0]:0.92 g
Eicosanoic/Arachidic [20:0]:42.80 mg
Docosanoic/Behenic [22:0]:42.80 mg
Tetracosanoic/Lignoceric [24:0]:10.70 mg
Monounsaturated fatty acids
Tetradecenoic/Myristoleic [14:1]:1.07 mg
Pentadecenoic [15:1]:~
Hexadecenoic/Palmitoleic [16:1]:42.80 mg
[16:1 cis]:42.80 mg
[16:1 trans]:1.07 mg
Heptadecenoic [17:1]:~
Octadecenoic/Oleic [18:1]:3.66 g
[18:1 cis]:3.57 g
[18:1 trans]:74.90 mg
Eicosenoic/Gadoleic [20:1]:85.60 mg
Docosenoic/Erucic [22:1]:3.21 mg
[22:1 cis]:3.21 mg
[22:1 trans]:~
Cis-Tetracosenoic/Nervonic [24:1 cis]:5.35 mg
Polyunsaturated fatty acids
Octadecadienoic/Linoleic [18:2]:7.08 g
[18:2 CLAs]:21.40 mg
[18:2 i]:~
[18:2 Ω-6 c,c]:6.97 g
[18:2 t,~]:96.30 mg
[18:2 t,t]:~
Octadecatrienoic/Linolenic [18:3]:0.73 g
[18:3 Ω-3 c,c,c]:0.73 g
[18:3 Ω-6 c,c,c]:1.07 mg
[18:3 i]:~
Octadecatetraenoic/Parinaric [18:4]:1.07 mg
Eicosadienoic [20:2 Ω-6 c,c]:10.70 mg
Eicosatrienoic [20:3]:10.70 mg
[20:3 Ω-3]:1.07 mg
[20:3 Ω-6]:9.63 mg
Eicosatetraenoic/Arachidonic [20:4]:32.10 mg
[20:4 Ω-6]:~
Eicosapentaenoic/Timnodonic [20:5 Ω-3]:1.07 mg
Heneicosapentaenoic (HPA) [21:5]:~
Docosatetraenoic/Adrenic [22:4]:21.40 mg
Docosapentaenoic/Clupanodonic [22:5 Ω-3]:3.21 mg
Docosahexaenoic (DHA) [22:6 Ω-3]:3.21 mg
Ash:2.77 g
Product Type:CRACKER
Weight Watchers Points:7 point(s)
Atkins Diet (Induction) Rating:7 / 10
Atkins Diet (Maintanence) Rating:10 / 10
Zone Diet Rating:5 / 10
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Did you know?...When using granulated sugar, keep in mind that one pound sugar is the equivalent to 2 cups.
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